TV Week: “Kidnap horror” All Saints 23rd July 2005

23rd July 2005

Vincent’s stalker takes Cate hostage, and she has murder on her mind!

Popular All Saints nurse Cate McMasters has gone missing. And when her close friend and colleague Vincent Hughes realises why, his blood runs cold.

Cate (Alexandra Davies) has been drugged and tied up by Vincent’s psychotic stalker, Beth Chandler (Susan Prior). And as Vincent (Christopher Gabardi) knows only too well, Beth is capable of absolutely anything. Will he find Cate before it’s too late?

Beth, who is at Cate’s home holding the young nurse captive, is obviously delusional, believing it was Cate’s fault that Vincent rejected her. Tonight, Beth makes it clear as she holds a knife to Cate’s throat, someone will die!

While Vincent does everything he can to try to reason with Beth, Cate will come to a realisation of her own before the night is over – she has feelings for Vincent!

Clearly, this is an episode of All Saints not to be missed.

TVWEEK can reveal the heart-stopping action that will begin to unfold on our screens over the next couple of weeks.

It is after a particularly gruelling day at the hospital, when Vincent finally feels able to breathe a sigh of relief, that he discovers Cate has disappeared.

His first thoughts are that Beth is behind it but, as has so often been the case, no one takes him seriously.

“Vincent is suspicious straightaway,” Christopher says. “He immediately fears the worst because he understands the potential Beth has to create this sort of situation and to act on it.”

Then, Vincent receives a phone message from Cate asking him to come around to her place. Immensely relieved to hear from her, he heads over. But he’s about to receive the biggest shock of all – Beth is holding Cate captive. It’s clear that Cate’s life is in grave danger.

“This cold shudder goes through Vincent when he spots Beth and Cate together,” reveals Christopher.

“Cate is obviously drugged and tied up. lt would be just hideous to have to go through something like this.

“Vincent tries to rationalise with Beth. He tries to bring her back to earth, but she has really lost her mind. She’s starting to fabricate this whole story and Cate really is in enormous danger.”

“Beth has seriously lost the plot,” confirms Alexandra. “She’s obviously very, very sick. She’s looking for any sort of reason why Vincent rejected her. She’s convinced Vincent is in love with Cate.

“Cate feels completely powerless. She has never been more vulnerable. She is a fighter and she’s always managed to come through things, but now she thinks, ‘Oh God, is this the end?’ “

Christopher hints that Vincent will try anything to save Cate’s life.

“Vincent does some extreme stuff to relate to Beth in an attempt to bring her back to reality,” he says.

Both Christopher and Alexandra agree they will never forget the filming of this storyline.

“It was an intense experience of filming that week,” Christopher says. “It was really quite an exhausting episode to shoot. I felt like I’d actually been through that experience.”

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether Cate survives her horrific ordeal – and gets the chance to tell Vincent how she really feels about him.

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History of a stalker

A one-night stand with Vincent set off Beth’s campaign of terror

The life of All Saints Western General’s handsome surgical registrar Vincent Hughes changed forever when he had a raunchy liaison with Beth Chandler on New Year’s Eve.

Moments after their steamy interlude at a local nightclub, a balcony at the club collapsed, causing mass panic among the partygoers. Beth, who was among those injured, was admitted to hospital and released shortly after. But this was far from the last time Vincent would see Beth.

Soon after, Beth began “running into” Vincent wherever he went. When he made it clear to her that he wasn’t interested in a relationship, she admitted herself to hospital, complaining of stomach pain. While Vincent was convinced that Beth’s symptoms weren’t real, Frank (John Howard) ordered him to perform exploratory surgery on Beth, after which her pain miraculously vanished.

Believing he was now being stalked by Beth, Vincent’s suspicions were confirmed when, after a night out with ex-wife Charlotte (Tammy Maclntosh), he returned to find Beth had broken into his house.

And Beth was still holding all the cards. Before long, she had accused Vincent of assaulting her. Much to his horror, Vincent was arrested in front of his colleagues.

Facing a hostile court hearing, Vincent was stunned when Beth decided to drop the charges midway through the trial. But Beth’s obsession had certainly not vanished.

Vincent was mortified when Beth began targeting those around him. She planted and detonated a bomb in the car of his colleague, Jessica (Natalie Saleeba).

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the explosion, but Beth continued to wreak havoc on the lives of those closest to Vincent. And now this!

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