TV Week: “Shock Staff Overdose” All Saints 14th March 1998

TV Week
14th March 1998

The docs and nurses close ranks to try and cover up when laz, the receptionist, takes an OD …

Careers are on the line and lives hang in the balance this week when a night on the town goes horribly wrong for All Saints ward clerk Jaz Hillerman.

In the drama-charged episode, Jaz (Sam Healy, above in a scene from the episode) shocks her fellow nursing staff and friends when she is brought to the hospital suffering from an apparent drug overdose.

Her mates are horrified. First there is Jaz’s well-being to consider, but secondly there is her career. If she is admitted to the emergency ward she will undergo proper treatment. Her life will most definitely be saved, but her career could be over.

“All we want is the best for her, but we know how much her work means to her so we decide to sneak her off and try and care for her ourselves,” says Libby Tanner, who plays nurse Bronwyn Craig.

“It’s not that she would be sacked, but if drugs were found in her system it would go on her record and that could place her job in jeopardy.”

The close-knit nursing team do their best to treat Jaz, but as the hours slide by her condition worsens.

Eventually they reveal their secret to Dr Luke Forlano (Martin Lynes) who tells the distraught group they must move Jaz to the emergency section of the hospital.

It’s up to Connor and Bronwyn to make a decision. For all their sakes, let’s hope it is the right one.

  • When All Saints made its debut on February 24 it attracted an average national audience of just under 1.7 million (1,688,300) viewers
  • It led its timeslot in all States
  • The Nine Network counteracted by moving its high-rating drama Water Rats into direct competition

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