How do you get the exclusive interviews?

We contact people via online methods, sometimes we contact the person directly, sometimes through an agent. Not everyone wants to take part, some people are busy, others have left the industry, so we’re not always successful. We’ve also had interviews organised by people wanting to publicise events or DVD releases.

How much research goes into the questions?

We have a broad knowledge of Australian television which helps. Once we confirm an interview with someone, we’ll research all about the specific show (and also their role or character within that show). We always try and cross-reference facts to make sure they’re accurate, or sometimes ask the person for guidance. It’s not an easy task to generate the questions, especially for shows that did not have a lot of publicity.

You have a lot of content for 90’s and 00’s shows, why don’t you have more content for earlier shows?

Getting content for older shows is much harder. interviews are harder to come by as is content (like TV Week articles). We are doing what we can to get as much content as possible covering as much as we can, it’s not easy, but we’re committed to trying.

Why don’t you have content for current shows?

Obviously shows that are still on air are protected by publicity departments and networks, so getting content for them is much harder and we try not to get into copyright battles.

I found a spelling or grammar error in a Friday Flashback article, can you fix it?

Because we scan a lot of articles for the Friday Flashback section of the site, we use OCR (Optical character recognition) software to convert the images to text. This software is not always accurate. We do proofread articles, however because of the volume of content, we miss some errors. Please contact us to let us know of an error.

How can I help?

Great question, we need a lot of help. You can find out the best ways to help via this page.