The Man From Snowy River

November 2022 DVD Release Spotlight

Thanks to ViaVision, some more classic TV shows are getting DVD (and Blu-Ray) releases in November (2022).

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The Man from Snowy River (The McGregor Saga), Episode 1, The Race

The famous Matt McGregor finds himself drawn to a beautiful young widow who has returned to Australia, while at the same time a mysterious and dangerous young American lad challenges him.

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Joelene Crnogorac: The Man From Snowy River

After the popularity of The Man From Snowy River films, it was almost inevitable a TV series would follow. Finally, in the 90’s, the TV series arrived. The show was popular overseas but since the original story was only well known in Australia, it was was given the alternative title of Snowy River: The McGregor Saga. The youngest member of the McGregor family was Danni, played by Joelene Crnogorac for the first two seasons.

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