March 2022 DVD Release Spotlight

Thanks to ViaVision, some more classic Australian (and British) TV shows are getting DVD releases in March (2022).

Sons and Daughters: Collection Four

Sons and Daughters was one of the most popular series in the early 1980s running from 1982-1987.

In the Fourth Year, Patricia Hamilton flees to Rio de Janeiro shortly after her long-awaited wedding to David Palmer, but when she returns to Australia it’s under a new identity… and with a new face! Meanwhile Wayne Hamilton finds himself tricked into marriage and dealing with a look-a-like pretending to be him, Gordon Hamilton discovers that he has a long-lost brother, and the town of Woombai falls under threat of a major redevelopment scheme. With new arrivals Karen Fox, Leigh Palmer, and Caroline Morrell to stir up trouble, the scintillating drama and breath taking cliff-hangers keep on coming.

DVD release date 23rd of March.

The Bill – The Complete Series 21

Back on the beat with Sun Hill’s finest…

Remaining a Top 10 UK drama for ITV and a popular Saturday night fixture on ABC-TV in Australia. Starring such fan favorites as DCI Jack Meadows (Simon Rouse), WPC Ackland (Trudie Goodwin), PC Tony Stamp (Graham Cole), PC Reg Hollis (Jeff Stewart), and Inspector Gina Gold (Roberta Taylor) this 30-disc set contains all 104 episodes from the twenty-first series.

DVD release date 23rd of March.

Executive Stress: The Complete Series

Every episode of the hilarious 80s sitcom starring Penelope Keith, Geoffrey Palmer, and Peter Bowles.

Caroline Fairchild has resumed her former career in publishing – much against the wishes of her husband Donald, who also works in the same industry. When her publisher’s parent company also takes over Donald’s employer, they learn that their megalomaniacal director takes a harsh line on married couples working together. Sneakily they devise an unorthodox solution and become an undercover couple! The ploy seems to work, but there is one unpalatable aspect for Donald: he now finds himself taking orders from his wife…

DVD release date 9th of March.