“The best of friends” Stingers

New Idea

Kate Kendall and Anita Hegh have become best friends since the pair first met filming the Nine network’s popular drama Stingers.

Here, they let us in on a few of the secrets that keep them looking so good!

Name Kate Kendall
Age 25
Marital status Single
Kids No. I’ve got a dog.

Fun Walt<ing my dog and going out with friends to hear live bands. I need to be around people.

Time out I don’t know if I ever get 12 hours sleep a night, but I need my sleep, especially when we’re doing late night shoots and I don’t get to bed until late. Sometimes I can get by on about five hours a night – but then I need to catch up with a solid, big sleep.

Social life I’m a sociable sort of person. I think it is important to have a social life as a balance to work, so I spend time with friends, going out for dinner. I like singing, too. I go to a club where I sing sometimes with Matt Dyktynski, who plays my on-screen boyfriend.

Allergies When I drink wine with preservatives, my face turns red! Vitamins I take women’s multivitamins; I also take vitamins A, E and C separately.

Alternative therapies I’m into naturopathy. I take Rescue Remedy when I need it, and a creative mixture which a naturopath prepares for me. Dietary requirements Lots of water – it’s good for your skin and your health. And lots of fruit, salads, porridge and healthy foods. I love Thai and other Asian cuisines. Where we film, there are loads of really good restaurants to choose from.

Exercise I try to get to the gym two or three times a week – but it depends on filming. I love walking my dog and, by the time we’ve run around for half an hour, we’ve had some good exercise. No matter how tired I’m feeling, once I’ve exercised, I feel better – and much more energised.

Snacks I love barbecue-flavoured rice crackers, which are 98 percent fat free. If I need an energy boost, I’ll grab an apple.

Health philosophy I think there is a marriage between mind, body and heart. When I feel good it shows. Getting lots of sleep, being with friends, eating and exercising are all part of it. And so is having a balanced life.

Name Anita Hegh
Age 27
Marital status single
Kids not yet

Fun Going to the pub, having dinner with my boyfriend and exploring Victoria in the old Alfa we just bought. And going away for the weekend – and doing yoga!

Time out I find eight hours sleep is good for me, unless I’m really tired. But if I have too much sleep, I wakeup feeling even more tired.

Social life I tixe going out for dinner, hanging out at home and going for walks. I have a fairly quiet life
compared to Kate’s. We like to go out to lunch, or just for a coffee. l’m trying to get my brain happening so I’ve been reading Hannibal, the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs.

Allergies I’m extremely lucky because I have none I know of.

Vitamins I take vitamin C, but since it can be bad taking too many vitamins, I don’t take too many in one day. Bananas are a great source of potassium, so I eat plenty of those.

Dietary requirements Lots of food every day, especially fruit for breakfast, which makes me feel good. I love cooking, and make my own soup.

Exercise I walk regularly and run around the streets and parks. I have been to a few yoga classes and would love to get into that.

Snacks Tubs of ice-cream, and those rice crackers that Kate likes. lf I want an energy boost, I’ll drink Champagne!

Health philosophy lf you’re happy on the inside, then you’ll be happy on the outside, too. I can tell that if I’m fit, healthy and happy it shows and I’ve got more energy. I think there is a certain energy about people who are happy and that is the attractive thing about them.

Compiled by
Sue Smethurst