The Bill Reboot in Development

News has been swirling over the last few days that a reboot of The Bill is currently in development.

The new series with the working title “Sun Hill” has been confirmed by sources to be in development, but no television network is attached and for the moment, it has not been green-lit.

Fans were sceptical about the news initially, until one of the legends of the series who is rumoured to be involved in the reboot, Mark Wingett (Jim Carver), posted on Twitter:

Followed by:

Although information about the reboot is limited, it is believed that the new concept may involve Mark Wingett (Jim Carver), Trudie Goodwin (June Ackland) and Graham Cole (Tony Stamp) returning as consultants to help out the new cops walking the beat at Sun Hill.

Writer Simon Sansome has been working on the concept and Tony McHale (long-time Eastenders writer, and creator of Holby City) may also be on board.

TV Flashback will continue to provide updates on the development of the reboot as more information comes to light.

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Source: RadioTimes / The Sun.