TV Week: “A Logie for the Sarge” A Country Practice 30th April 1983

TV Week
30th April 1983

Best Support Actor in a Series: Brian Wenzel (A Country Practice).

After years of being a TV heavy, Brian Wenzel has won a Logie … for playing a cop!

Brian plays Sgt Frank Gilroy in A Country Practice and the role has made him one of the most popular TV stars in the country.

A jack-of-all-trades, who had a tough beginning to life, Brian is one of TV’s most popular people. His award will be applauded by friends he has made in just about every TV series the local industry has produced over the last 20 years.

Brian’s TV career dates back to the earliest days of Homicide, when local drama was in its infancy. He became typecast as a heavy and rarely got a chance to show his charm and humor.

A Country Practice has changed all that.

In the series, his character, Sgt Frank Gilroy, is married to Shirley Dean (Lorrae Desmond) and their wedding was one of the TV highlights of the year, making Brian a magazine cover favorite.

Brian’s Logie is his first. It’s an award earned by years of distinguished service to the industry … and the charm and warmth he has invested in TV’s most popular policeman of the moment.

Brian was a circus hand before becoming a screen actor. Before that, he reckons he had about “112 jobs”.

His versatility as an actor is almost unchallenged in this country. He also has worked in many musicals and would like to continue to do stage work.

However, TV has given him his most consistent successes, and now it has won him a Logie, a reward for years of hard work.

To a man – and woman- the industry salutes Brian.

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