TV Week: “A Turn For The Nurse!” Medivac 26th October 1996

TV Week
26th October 1996

Medivac’s Dr Arch takes A Turn For The Nurse!

When Danielle Carter’s thrill-seeking character, Nurse Bree Dairymple, took off in a helicopter in the first episode of the new Network Ten drama Medivac, she declared the adrenaline rise was “better than sex”.

But the big question is, does she still feel that way when her romance with Grant Bowler’s character, the rebellious Dr Archibald “Arch” Craven, gets hot and heavy in future episodes?

“Definitely not,” Grant says. “She’ll be singing, ‘I’ve finally found him’.”

Grant, who is best known for his long-running role as Constable Wayne Patterson in Blue Heelers, and Danielle both inset any hint of romance begins and ends on set for the Medivac cameras. The actors have been friends for years, since their days at NIDA and have even worked together as an abusive couple on the adult soap Pacific Drive.

“That was a completely different story and I wouldn’t equate that the two at all,” Grant says. “The relationship was nothing like this one. It was nasty, horrible and violent.”

Despite an easy working environment, the first screen kiss between Danielle and Grant was still preceded by a healthy dose of nerves.

“We don’t like to rehearse something like the kiss because we wanted to see what happened on the day,” Grant says.

“It can be embarrassing, but it is a lot easier when you know each other. You can make a bit of a joke and you’re able to feel more comfortable. You don’t need to take it all too seriously,”

When the television couple shared their first screen kiss in almost idyllic bush surroundings recently, Danielle says the Bree and Arch romance will be a rocky one.

“This pair are attracted to each other and it has been difficult getting them together,” Grant says.

“It is fairly realistic, as work, life and everything else just keeps getting in the way. They’re keen on each other, but there is more to heir lives than just that.”

Not able to reveal whether the couple’s infatuation will blossom into love, Grant hints there is more than just kissing in the near future.

The only thing I can really say is that we’re shooting ahead and we’re still working it (the relationship) out together,” he says, avoiding the topic of a sexual encounter between the two character.

“I think my character wants to get married.”

“Aaah,” shrieks Danielle in horror and buries her face in her hands. “I think my character would be increably scared by that because she wants to be a free spirit, but at the same times she’s really attracted to him.”

Just because carefree Free planted a kiss on Dr Robert Buchanan (Nicholas Eadie) in the very first episode, it doesn’t mean she’s chasing everything with an additional chromosome rotating the hospital hallways.

“That kiss was about power,” Danielle says of the rendezvous with Dr Buchanan.

“I think she confused being impressed by power with being attracted to the person.

“She’s young, and sometimes when you’re impressed with people it turns into a crush.”

Being the one to make an ill-fated move on Dr Buchanan and then a more successful one on the romance-shy Dr Craven may seem forward, but Danielle insists both scenarios help clearly define a central aspect of her character.

“I don’t think they paint her as a bimbo,” she says.

“If you look at this in a positive way, she’s going for what she wants and that’s great. She’s not just sitting there waiting for it to happen and being a submissive female.”

Story: Shane Sutton
Main picture: James Calvet-Jones

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