TV Week: “Abi wants room to Breathe!” Heartbreak High 13th May 1995

TV Week
13th May 1995

After saying goodbye to Heartbreak High and releasing her debut single …

Abi Tucker is a fan of all the music, but there is one song that would be playing with special significance in her car – if only the stereo hadn’t been stolen.

Breathe In, a song Abi describes as deeply personal, marks her debut on the commercial music scene. Despite playing with a band for years and portraying the musically inclined rebel schoolgirl on Network Ten’s Heartbreak High, Abi believes this is the real beginning of her music career.

“While I think it is good, this song is very hard for me to release because this is so honest. It is me,” she says. Abi hopes that one day Breathe in will be part of an album of songs with a smilier theme. There is also a script based around the same concept, a project she wants to keep to herself for now.

“It is already brooding. I wrote the original version around the time I was going through a few decisions.”

Abi hopes Breathe In will distance her from public and industry expectations. Abi’s own style is very different from her on-screen character who performed pop rap.

“I like this style of music. I like a bit of brooding stuff. It was actually incorporated into the show show and then I decided to release this (reworked version) as a single so that people would understand the style of music that I’m into, and the style of vocal that I like to do.”

Abi hopes the single attracts attention and even criticism.

“I hope I don’t avid the usual criticisms that people get when they release a song, because I sort of think you have to pay your dues. The way to pay is to be perceived in the public eye as standing up for what you are.”

Abi has recently finished on Heartbreak High and is going overseas on a promotional tour.

“I’ve let go all my ties here and I could go anywhere.

“My main aim is to enjoy what I’m doing,” she writes in her record company biography. “A necessity that a lot of people tend to bypass in the pursuit of stability. Me? I enjoy a lot of things especially acting and, of course, music.”

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