TV Week: “Abigail Signed for Soapie” Sons and Daughters 6th October 1984

TV Week
6th October 1984

ABIGAIL came to notoriety in Number 96, which was, in its day, one of the most popular shows on television in Australia.

Now she’s about to go back into a soap-opera, and one of the most successful series on television — the Seven Network’s TV WEEK Logie-winning Sons And Daughters. However, we won’t be seeing Abigail on-air until early next year.

In the series, Abigail will play a wealthy, glamorous bitch who knows how to use her sex appeal to get what she wants.

Abigail’s character, Caroline Morell, is a strong type who is being brought in to take the place of another strong person leaving the series — Patricia “Pat The Rat” Morell (Rowena Wallace).

Caroline will have as much driving force as Pat.

Caroline Morell is the mother of Amanda (Alyce Platt). She was originally married to Stephen Morell (Michael Long), who divorced her because he couldn’t stand her. He went on to marry Patricia about a year ago, and now they’re divorced also.

A “perfect” bitch, Caroline is returning from overseas.

Executive producer of the Grundy Organization John Holmes says: “We consider Caroline Morell will be a sustaining character. Abigail’s stay with the series is not definite, but we’re looking at at least a 26-week contract.

“I saw a tape Abigail did specifically for Grundy’s and I was knocked out by her performance. After seeing that, we decided to go along with Abigail as Caroline Morell. She played the hard lady very well.

“Patricia was just a hard lady. Caroline knows how to twist men around her fingers in a different way.

“The most important thing about all our characters that come in for any period of time, is that they always seem to work better if they have emotional family ties. Family blackmail, if you like.

“That’s why we’re bringing in Caroline as opposed to a complete outsider. She is already an established character in the minds of viewers.”

“It will be great to be playing a bitch, as it’s such a positive role,” says Abigail of her part in the series.

Cruising! (A Country Practice)

HARD at work? Hardly!

A Country Practice cast members Grant Dodwell and Shane Withington found plenty of time to relax during their recent Pacific cruise on the Oriana, during which they filmed some scenes for episodes of the hit series — and took in the sights at the various ports of call.

With the energetic actors is guest star Sandra Lillington, last seen in the ABC’s Sweet And Sour.

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