TV Week: “Altered States” Last Man Standing 4th June 2005

TV Week
4th June 2005

There’s nothing like a Spanish-themed wedding to kick off a new, hip Aussie Drama!

When we first meet central character Adam (played by former McLeod’s Daughters star Rodger Corser), he’s suffering from the hangover from hell and is making a frantic dash to the church for the nuptials of two close friends.

He arrives embarrassingly late – even the bride, Charlotte (Heidi Arena) has beaten him there. But at least he’s just in time to see her exchange vows with her emotional groom Mark (Stephen Phillips).

Soon after, we meet Adam’s two best mates, Cameron (Matt Passmore) and Bruno (Travis McMahon). But all three are in for quite a shock – they discover they’ve each slept with the not-so-blushing bride over the years!

Speaking of ex-lovers, there’s further discomfort for Adam when he’s faced with his most recent girlfriend, Louisa (Nicola Nabout), and likewise for Cameron when his former wife Zoe (Miriama Smith), turns up.

“Zoe arriving at this wedding is a real catalyst for change,” Matt explains. “He hasn’t really had to deal with all the guilt – he’d just pushed that to the back of his mind – but now it all comes rushing back.”

What’s more, laughs Matt, Zoe is with “a very good-looking New Zealand Olympic long jumper”.

“Cameron’s completely threatened,” Matt reveals. “But he’s desperate to show that he’s changed in two years and is a better person.”

Also this week, watch out for a guest appearance by Blue Heelers’ Samantha Tolj in a dramatically different role.

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