TV Week: “An arresting couple!” Home and Away 14th November 1987

TV Week
14th November 1987

Ex-cop turned actor to wed former S & D star Judy

FORMER star of The Box and Sons And Daughters, Judy Nunn has announced her engagement to Tasmanian-born, ex-policeman-turned-actor Bruce Venables.

The couple, who plan to marry next year, met about three years ago at a dinner party in Sydney not long after Bruce quit the police force.

Judy, who will appear in the Seven Network’s forthcoming series Home And Away, was immediately attracted to Bruce, not just because he is an interesting person to talk to but because he kept her laughing.

When their relationship became more serious she was drawn to his masculinity.

“I come from a background of masculinity that is quite similar to Bruce’s in a sense. My father was a very masculine sportsman type and I have a big brother (an environmentalist) and lots of boy cousins and I was sort of a tomboy.

“It was a welcome relief for me to get back to the straight masculinity rather than the theatrical style of men whose company I totally enjoy. I felt
like coming home a bit really.”

Bruce, 38, who is divorced and has two sons, was a policeman for 15 years in Tasmania and Hong Kong.

Soon after Judy and Bruce met, the couple started writing together and, a year ago, encouraged by Judy, Bruce began acting. He has since scored roles in TV in Home And Away, The Alien Years, Peter And Pompey and in the fea ture film Evil Angels.

Bruce’s last role was to be in the feature film Bodily Harm, playing a journalist, but he came to bodily grief in a motorbike accident on the way to his first day on set and ended up in hospital with a broken shoulder.

Judy and Bruce can be seen in the pilot of Home And Away — Judy as corner store owner Alisa Hogan and Bruce as a cop.

For two people who come from entirely different worlds — Judy from a entertainment industry bubble and Bruce from a world of bloody violence and intrigue — the two are very much together. Bruce likens Judy, 40, to the Rolls-Royce of pistols — a Baretta 92SB.

“Judy has changed my whole lifestyle. I mean, I’m happy.

“I’ve found peace, harmony and happiness.”

Marie Ussher.

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