TV Week: “An edgier place” A Place to Call Home 1st August 2015

TV Week
1st August 2015

Expect the new season of A Place To Call Home to push a couple of boundaries.

Same show, different network? Not necessarily, according to A Place To Call Home’s Jenni Baird.

“It’s going to be edgier on Foxtel,” the actress tells TV WEEK about the show’s return to television. “There aren’t the same kind of guidelines.”

Jenni, who plays Regina Standish, says they’ll be able to add more period details, like in Mad Men.

“We can smoke,” she explains, “whereas when we were on Channel Seven, we were never allowed to smoke.”

Shooting will wrap on the third season of the ’50s drama in August and will air in September. The main cast has all returned to their roles, along with most of the crew.

“It was quite seamless,” Jenni, 29, says of the network switch.

“It looks similar.”

There may also be one tiny new face making their on screen debut in season three.

Jenni reveals her six-year-old daughter, Rose, is an extra in one of the episodes.

“She plays a girl with a basket full of lamingtons,” the proud-as-punch mum says.

“She was in the same screen I was in, I said to her, ‘Don’t speak after “Action!” And don’t call out “Mummy!” She was really good.

“She just loved it. She may not make the final cut, though,”

The actress adds that Rose would like to be an actress.

“Well, in theory…” She starts.

“But I think, in practicality, she’s too shy.”

Jenni’s husband, writer and director Michael Petroni, hopes Rose doesn’t end up going down that path.

“I’m trying to dissuade her from the whole idea,” Michael, 50, admits.

The couple’s three-year-old son, Charlies, has also been a regular visitor on set. But don’t expect to see him on screen any time soon!

“Charlie could not be trusted to do anything, because he’s a maniac!” Jenni laughs.

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Jenni’s previous acting work includes roles in TV series The 400 and All Saints, plus sci-fi comedy click Alien Trespass.

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