TV Week: “An Inconvenient Proposal!” Water Rats 13th July 1996

TV Week
13th July 1996

When Knocker pops the question to Goldie on Water Rats, it’s a case of …

An Inconvenient Proposal!

WATER RATS copper Rachel “Goldie” Goldstein has an arresting proposal and a great deal to think about involving her partner, John “Knocker” Harrison.

Shy of commitment after the failure of her marriage to corrupt lawyer Jonathan (Steven Grieves), Goldie (Catherine McClements) is jolted into action when her casual affair with Knocker (Peter Mochrie) turns serious.

Marriage is the last thing on her mind as she has a drink after a long day on the beat. It’s uppermost in his, as he blurts out: “Will you marry me?”

Goldie’s carrying enormous emotional baggage – bitterness, because of her first husband and the legal wrangling over custody of her son, David (Treffyn Koreshoff), job pressures and fear of failure.

And, just for good measure, her work partner, Frank Holloway (Colin Friels), is exhibiting classic symptoms of jealousy.

“For my character, the proposal really comes out of the blue,” Catherine says. “Goldie didn’t see it coming and it’s the last thing she expected, or wanted.

“She’s really surprised. She couldn’t give an answer straight away. Who could? I haven’t had that opportunity either. It’s not something that’s been part of my agenda.

“I think Goldie’s afraid and a bit nervous.

“She’s had such a mongrel for a first husband.

“I think she’s a very unromantic person, so all this stuff comes like clothes that don’t fit very well.”

For her screen beau it’s easy to define what it is about Goldie that makes Knocker go weak at the knees:

“She’s a spunk!” Peter says.

“No really, Knocker likes her style. She’s professional in the field which we work, she’s warm, she’s caring, she’s loving and she’s beautiful. Knocker wants to make her an honest woman.”

Are they the words he’s use to describe the chemistry between himself and Catherine?

“Yes, definitely,” Peters says. “She’s a true professional and a top actress as well. Ah well, she’s a mate and we work well together … Long hours, long days and we haven’t fought yet.”

And as for the ring?

“Well not yet,” Peter says. “Goldie and Knocker have been so frantically busy that they haven’t been able to get away from these horrendous murder cases. When we’re chasing mass murderers and paedophiles and all this sort of stuff, you don’t have time to get a ring.”

Catherine adds: “Sometimes Goldie, for me, is one of the stupidest people in the world. I’m surprised at how silly she is sometimes.

“With Knocker, well, there’s hidden depths there, and it makes him all the more attractive I think. That evil side!”

For two thirty-something actors who have managed to remain single, the notion of what is a perfect proposal — scripted or impromptu — is a laugh.

“I’ll have to wait until the situation arose, and I think it would depend on that very special person that I had decided to end my bachelor days with,” Peter says.

“It’s never happened to me. I’ve come so close, but never actually popped the question.”

Story: Di Stanley
Cover: Brett Stevens

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