TV Week: “Annalise’s Big Break” Home and Away 5th September 1998

TV Week
5th September 1998

Everything is going just swimmingly for the calendar girl…

BLONDE bombshell Annalise Braakensiek is in a win-win position at this point in her career. She has just launched a steamy new calendar and recently auditioned for Baywatch.

“It was very informal and nothing has been signed, but I feel very positive,” she says or her audition.

“I met the producer and the executive producer and they were so lovely.”

Annalise who recently had the role or Heavenly in Home and Away, met the Baywatch cast.

“They’ll call my manager in a month and until then I’ll just have to sit tight.” Annalise says, “I’m not worrying. I’m trying to be realistic and think, whatever will be, will be.”

Annalise has also been offered a role in a new Australian film, although it’s strictly hush hush at this stage. Last month she simultaneously launched a new calendar and Web site.

“At the moment I feel like I can’t lose.” Annalise says, “I’m happy and I’m in a situation where things seems to be going really well.

“I’m a very lucky girl.”

TV Flashback note: Annalise Braakensiek passed away on 6th January 2019.
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