TV Week: “Breakers breakup” Breakers 31st July 1999

TV Week
31st July 1999

THE cast of Breakers recently held their wrap party in Sydney and, as expected, it was an emotional send- off for the tight-knit cast.

Louise Crawford, who has been with the Bondi-based series since it began, tells us there were tears, beers and laughter… as well as plenty of reminiscing.

“I guess the highlight of the evening was when our wonderful editors presented us with a 20-minute wrap video,” Louise laughs. “It had some highlights from the show and funny moments, and everyone just sat around laughing. It was very sad, and all of our producers made speeches and thanked everyone.

“The funniest thing was when the props department gave all of the main cast members symbolic prop from one of our storylines. I got the rubber duckie that I tried to commit suicide in the bath with. And Simon [Munro] got the painting of himself that Angela [Keep, above with Louise and Preben Warren] made of him.”

So what now for the cast which became a familiar sight around the scenic Bondi area?

“I started a waitressing job this morning, with a nice bunch of people, back in Bondi,” Louise says. “Ange has got a bartending job, and a few people are going to take a break. No one has got anything definite, but a few of us have been for auditions. Julie is taking a break because she wants to spend some time with her kids.

“Everyone’s out there looking and hoping that something will come up, but we plan to keep in touch.”

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