TV Week: “Breaking taboos” Breakers 14th March 1998

TV Week
14th March 1998

Former ballet dancer Simon Munro portrays a young model coming to terms with the fact he’s gay.

Simon Munro has joined a select group of actors. He is among the very few who have portrayed gay characters on television.

His Breakers character, Vince, a young model, and part-time waiter in the fictional Bondi eatery, Kate’s Cafe, is gradually realising he is homosexual.

In weeks to come, Vince has to deal not only with the personal ramifications of being young and gay, but also with the sometimes negative reactions of those around him.

“He’s only 15, so he’s at that age when people are exploring their sexuality,” Simon says.

One of Vince’s most immediate hurdles is the way his homosexuality will change his close friendship with Danny (Ben Tate).

“It is a touchy topic and one that tests the boundaries of some friendships,” Simon says.

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