TV Week: “Cliff plunge” Home & Away 23rd July 2005

TV Week
23rd July 2005

Disaster strikes when the boys go on a camping trip.

Tragedy is just around the corner in the Bay. When Flynn, Dan, Scott, Leah and Sally take off on a camping trip this week, the last thing on their minds is that one of their lives will soon be on the line!

“The girls say, ‘Why can’t we come along too?’, so the give of them go out there,” says Tim Campbell, who plays Dan. “However, it doesn’t take too long for the girls to realise it’s not their cup of tea and they leave shortly after that.”

Soon after Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Sally (Kate Ritchie) head back to town, fate takes a terrible turn.

Scott (Kip Gamblin) and Flynn (Joel McIlroy) suddenly hear Dan screaming for help. Rushing to his side, they’re horrified to see him dangling off a cliff, holding on for his life!

“Dan slips off the cliff and is literally hanging on by one hand,” explains Tim.

Flynn and Scott manage to pull Dan to safety. But then, in a horrifying moment Flynn loses his balance and falls off the cliff. Will he survive?

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Devastated that things haven’t worked out between her and Scott, Hayley has been trying to move on.

And this week she certainly takes a big step forward by sharing another kiss with Kim, whom she wrongly believes to be the father of her unborn baby.

Hayley (Bec Cartwright) tells Kim (Chris Hemsworth) she now believes more than ever that they could be a wonderful family together. Before they know it, they’re kissing!

“Hayley thinks Kim is the father of her baby and they’ve experienced a lot together,” Bec says. “I think the baby draws them together. But whenever she’s around Scott, there’s still something there.”

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