TV Week: “Cop This!” E Street 20th April 1991

TV Week
20th April 1991

Rev Bob behind bars

Reverend Bob Brown arrested and charged with murder! What more can happen to E Street’s popular man of the cloth?

Just when things are looking promising for the good reverend (played by Tony Martin), this week in the Network Ten series he winds up in jail!

Will his fiancee Elly Fielding (Penny Cook) stick by him, or is the wedding off? With Penny out of the show — she finished filming last month — it may not be hard to guess.

E Street and Network Ten are trying to keep Bob’s fate under wraps, even refusing to confirm the murder charge.

But it is Bob’s involvement with young Dylan (Adam Lloyd) — the boy he discovered chained up under a house like a dog — which lands him in trouble.

Now out of the church, Bob is obsessed with the young “dog boy”. He believes sympathetic coverage by Sheridan (Kate Raison) of the plight of Dylan’s father Gus Molloy (Rob Steele) led to Gus being set free, and can no longer restrain himself.

Viewers see Bob arrested after a murder is committed and he is put in a Westside police cell.

The questions now facing loyal E Street viewers are: Will Bob take the rap, or will he admit that he didn’t kill Gus Molloy?

One thing is certain — Elly shouldn’t get too excited about her impending nuptials.

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