TV Week: “Cop this love triangle” A Country Practice 23rd April 1994

TV Week
23rd April 1994

Three’s a crowd on ACP when constable Danny moves in with Claire and Ian.

There’s tension in the air in A Country Practice when ranger Ian sees his romantic chances with Claire dwindling as her head is turned by handsome newcomer Danny Sabatini.

It’s a love triangle with a difference … the three people involved are flatmates, sharing the house at Willow Tree Farm.

Ian McIntyre (played by Paul Gleeson) has been keen on nurse Claire Bonacci (Claudia Black) for some time, but since local police constable Danny (Vince Colosimo) moved in, it seems Ian can’t get a moment alone with Claire.

“Things were good for Ian before Danny arrived,” Paul says. “He felt he had a handle on things, even through nothing was happening between him and Claire.

“Ian is full of well-laid plans to move things along a bit, but they’re always thwarted by Danny. It’s becoming a source of great frustration for him.

“He can’t understand why the girl doesn’t notice him. He sees Danny as a threat. Danny is the classic tall, dark, handsome spunk, and Ian doesn’t see himself that way at all.”

Paul says if he were in Ian’s situation he would back off immediately. “I wouldn’t sit around and take an emotional beating,” he says. “But Ian is fairly resilient. As long as he can still go out to the bush and feed a few possums, he’s pretty happy.”

Vince admits his character’s a terrible flirt, but says Danny doesn’t mean any harm.

“He’s confident in himself, and he’s pretty cool.” Vince says. “But he’s not trying to start anything or interrupt anything. He just happens to get in the way.”

Vince Denis being like Danny in real life. “I’m not flirtatious at all,” He says mischievously. “I’m a nice boy!

“I suppose there is a bit of Danny in me – you always bring a part of yourself to any character you play – but I’m not a flirtatious womaniser. I don’t like to be like that!”

Claudia says Claire is particularly impressed with Danny “She thinks he’s a bit of all right,” she says. “He’s an Italian stallion!

“Danny is a really charming boy, and to Wandin Valley it’s appealing to have someone there with a European background. They think he’s exotic!

“Claire is half-Italian, half-French, so straight away she has something in common with Danny. The three of us being in the same house together certainly causes a lot of tension.”

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