TV Week: “Fiona’s fight for life!” Sons and Daughters 8th February 1986

TV Week
8th February 1986

Will the Sons And Daughters favorite survive an emergency operation?

POPULAR Sons And Daughters character Fiona Thompson (Pat McDonald) faces her biggest battle ever in episodes of the TV WEEK Logie Award-winning drama series screening this week in Sydney and soon on other stations in the Seven Network.

Fiona has to face up to the facts that she has cancer and must have a life-saving operation.

In last year’s end-of-season cliffhanger, Fiona was shocked when told by Irene that she had cancer. At first, she refused to believe the news and argued that she was such an active and seemingly healthy person, she couldn’t possibly have the disease. The doctors, she said, must have made a mistake.

But Irene (Judy Nunn) now convinces her she is the one making the mistake by refusing to acknowledge she has the condition and refusing to have the operation which could save her life.

Fiona will not be swayed and, characteristically, is determined to lead her life to the fullest in the time she has left. She has resigned herself to the fact she has cancer and will face the consequences.

Her decision horrifies all her friends who begin telling her how foolish she is and how she must have the operation. Even Fiona’s closest friend Beryl (Leila Hayes) loses her temper with Fiona and demands she stop her foolishness and go ahead with the surgery. Fiona is determined though; there is no way she will co-operate.

Eventually it is Fiona’s long-time foe, Wayne (lan Rawlings), who convinces her, in a most round-about fashion, to agree to the operation. He confronts her and berates her about her stubborn decision, calling her a silly old fool and accusing her of not having the courage to face surgery.

Incensed by Wayne’s caustic comments, she decides to show everyone that she is brave and suddenly announces to one and all she will go to hospital.

For once, Wayne’s nastiness has done some good.

After agreeing to the operation, Fiona receives some news which could prevent it going ahead. She had previously invested a great deal of her wealth in coffee futures, but has found the bottom has dropped out of the market. Her fortune is lost and she can’t afford the operation.

Gordon (Brian Blain) offers to pay for the surgery, but has a battle on his hands as he knows Fiona will not accept charity. Beryl tries to think of a way in which they can convince Fiona to accept the money, but Fiona finds out about her scheme and says their friendship may not last too much longer if they all continue to pressure her.

The financial crisis is resolved and Fiona decides to throw a big party to “celebrate” her going into hospital. All her friends gather round to offer their support and love to the frightened Fiona.

John Burfitt

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