TV Week: “Fired Up” Jack Irish 21st July 2018

TV Week
21st July 2018

This are about to get heated in Jack Irish.

His catourful career has landed former criminal [awyer and now part-time investigator Jack lrish in some odd situations. But locked in the boot of in the middle of nowhere is definitelY a first!

ln Jack Irish this week, Jack (Guy Pearce) is convinced his kidnapping is linked to the deaths of courier Eddie {George Zhao} and international student Lakshmi (Rubi Balasingam).

He also thinks it’s possibly all part of a government conspiracy. The problem is that nobody – including the police – belieVes him.

Dark forces are circling, and before Iong, Jack is putting out fires all around him, He realises the principal of the school Lakshmi attended, Meritus Institute’s Anoushka (Leah Vandenberg, is lying around the former student’s ashes.

“One of the things that happens with Jack is he starts off with something small and then realises, behind the crimes, there’s a bigger threat” Guy 50, says. “He gets himself in deeper and deePer.”

But at least there’s some hope in Jack’s life – love is in the air. Suspecting her ex might be on to a story after all, journalist Linda (Marta Dusseldorp) offers to look into his claims.

Meanwhile, psychologist Rory Finch (Danielle Cormack) offers Jack moral support – and more.

“Jack gets himself involved in a new love story,” Guy teases. “Which is much more complex than he thought it would be.”

It’ll surely be complex, but Jack just might find his happy ending – if he can stay alive long enough, that is!

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