TV Week: “From humble bush hut to hall of fame!” All Together Now 20th April 1991

TV Week
20th April 1991

Jane Hall used to play in a bush hut near her family’s home in Tacoma, Victoria.

It was built for the 1978 mini- series Against The Wind, and Jane dreamt of meeting the show’s star, Jon English.

And as she grew older, Jane rarely missed The Flying Doctors to watch her favourite actress, Rebecca Gibney, at work.

These days Jane, now 20, co-stars with Jon and Rebecca in the Nine Network sitcom All Together Now.

“Rebecca is fantastic,” Jane says. “And Jon is terrific. He has such a wealth of experience.”

Despite her tender years — and looks which allow her to play her All Together Now character, Anna, as a 15-year-old — Jane, who started acting at 13, is not short on experience herself.

Her television credits include The Henderson Rids, Prime Time, The Flying Doctors, Home And Away, House Rules, Skirts and The Four-Minute Mile.

After completing her HSC in 1989, Jane enrolled in a fashion design course at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, but deferred her studies when she won her role in All Together Now.

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