TV Week: “Get Me To The Church On Time!” A Country Practice 1st September 1990

TV Week
1st September 1990

THE mayhem associated with a Wandin Valley wedding has become a TV tradition, and the impending A Country Practice nuptials are no exception.

It’s been a rocky road to the altar for Lucy Gardner (Georgie Parker) and Matt Tyler (John Tarrant) and, in the days leading up to their wedding, there is even more drama.

“The problem is the parents,” Georgie says. “And whether the ceremony is going to be held in an Anglican or Catholic church.

“Matt’s father Gilbert (George Mallaby) is pompous and doesn’t think Matt is coping without good financial backing. His father thinks money is the answer to everything.

“My parents are supposedly splitting up and my father Patrick (Jonathan Hardy) refuses to come to the wedding because it’s notbeing held in a Catholic church. My mother Lois (Jill Perryman) turns up without Dad.

“Matt and Lucy are thrown around between their parents ’ problems. They go to the extent of swapping churches and ministers around, but the parents still won’t say okay.”

Lucy and Matt end up with both ministers — one Anglican, one Catholic — at their wedding.

All is settled and they walk down the aisle. Lucy wears a traditional high neck top and skirt in patchwork swiss and french lace.

Her bridesmaids are the Brennan sisters, Ann (Mary Regan) and Steve (Sophie Heathcote).

Jessica Kouros, played by Georgina Fisher, is the flower girl. Matt has Dr Cris Kouros (Michael Muntz) as his best man, with Luke (Matt Day) as groomsman.

Georgie admits that it felt strange acting out a wedding.

“It’s really strange declaring your love, which is usually such a personal thing, so publicly,” she says.

“It felt really strange ‘getting married’. I’m not in real life, but John is, so at least he has had some practice. It made me think, ‘I won’t be doing this for a while!'”

There is the usual comic mayhem which accompanies an A Country Practice wedding — Cris Kouros and Matt have to rush through a funeral procession before the wedding party arrives!

“It’s very funny,” Georgie says. “They’re trying to get rid of the funeral and the whole procession before the wedding people come into the church.”

Leading up to the big day, the wedding was called off due to Lucy’s health scare, and their house was burnt to the ground. The big question now is: What’s in store for the newlyweds?

“Post-marriage it’s much calmer,” Georgie hastily points out. “It’s just settling into the new relationship and the new house.”

Story: David Brown Cover and pictures: Steve Brack

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