TV Week: “High-rise suicide?” RUSH 6th September 2008

TV Week
6th September 2008

A tense stand-off pushes Grace’s Skills as a cop to the limit.

Grace finds herself in a life-or-death situation this week when she attempts to talk a reckless teenage girl down from a tall building.

The action starts with a dramatic car chase as Lawson (Rodger Corser), Grace (Claire Van Der Boom) and Dom (Josef Ber) pursue the runaway girl, Aurora (Bianca Linton), and her boyfriend across the city.

By the time the cops catch up with them, the kids have fled to the top of a 10-storey building – and they’re threatening to jump! Despite her relative lack of experience, Grace immediately puts herself forward as the negotiator ahead of Lawson.

“It’s incredibly brave that she steps up,” Claire says. “She recognises something of herself in Aurora and that gives her confidence, but she doesn’t yet understand the reason the girl is actually there.”

There’s way more to this feisty teen than first meets the eye and, as more information is revealed, Grace quickly finds herself out of her depth.
“She starts to go against protocol, introducing tactics that she knows are dangerous, such as bringing the girl’s dog and mother to the roof,” Claire says. “She knows that it’s risky, but she can’t see any other way.”

The power is taken out of her hands, however, when Aurora threatens to jump unless Grace leaves the roof, giving her no option but to back down.

“It’s a shock to her when Aurora lashes out, but she’s also relieved to step aside,” Claire says.”She understands that she’s not getting anywhere, so it’s probably best that Lawson takes over – but she finds it hard to let go and still wants to be at the forefront.”

ln the most dramatic way possible, Grace is soon given the chance to step up again. Meanwhile, Josh (Callan Mulvey) is scaling the building so he can catch Aurora should she jump, and the tension on the rooftop is mounting.

“There’s something in the air that Grace is picking up on,” Claire hints.”She can tell it’s getting very dangerous, but it’s now out of her control. She’ll have to cop the consequences if it starts to go down and she’s feeling that it might – which is why I think she starts to edge forward again.”

What Grace does next could cost her everything – including her life!

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