TV Week: “Hot Plots” City Homicide 6th September 2008

TV Week
6th September 2008

Warning: don’t watch the opening scene of this episode over dinner, or you may never look at humble cling wrap the same way again!

Unsavoury matters aside this week’s storyline has one killer twist. It sees a dubious Matt (Damien Richardson) and Duncan (Aaron Pedersen) interview a frantic woman who turned up wanting to report a brutal murder. There’s just one catch: the crime hasn’t actually happened yet!

“But it’s going to unless you do something,” promises the woman, who claims to be a psychic.

Four days later; a weighed-down body is pulled out of the ocean.The dead woman was tortured, exactly as predicted. And the detectives are even more baffled when the psychic turns up on their missing-persons list.

But it’s Duncan who’s most affected by the case. Usually the sceptic of the bunch, he finds himself looking at the death of his girlfriend Claire (Kat Stewart) in an entirely new light.

Best Line

After Simon (Dan MacPherson) reveals he once dated a girl whose mother was a psychic, Duncan responds: “Why did she let her daughter go out with you then?”

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