TV Week: “I’m having your baby!” Home and Away 2nd May 1998

TV Week
2nd May 1998

Marilyn’s overjoyed to be expecting Donald’s child …

There’s a baby boom at Summer Bay, and Marilyn is bursting with excitement. After last year’s heartbreaking miscarriage, Marilyn wasn’t hopeful of becoming pregnant again.

This week, she can barely contain her joy when she’s told she is expecting.

“She was told she’d never have a children and had to undergo a dangerous operation to make it possible,” says Emily Symons (who plays Marlyn).

“She took this big risk and it turned out to be successful, so she’s thrilled.

“At the same time, she’s wary of what could go wrong and the loss she felt last time.”

Like all good things, Marilyn’s conception took some time and some … um, hard work.

“She did all the research and had these special little signs to give Donald (Norman Coburn) when she thought it was time to practice,” Emily says.

“She was very serious about getting pregnant and it had become her mission.”

Pregnancies are always winners with loyal audiences and, while Chloe’s pregnancy was followed avidly by viewers, Marilyn’s is likely to have a special place in the heart of many sentimental fans.

Emily says she can’t give away any secrets, but believes the pregnancy will offer a happy out-come to Marilyn’s recent traumas.

Emily’s fab five shows

Suddenly Susan “This one I like a lot because of Brooke Shields, and it’s full of great characters.”

3rd Rock From the Sun “I love the tall Amazonian-style woman (Kristen Johnson). I think, when you look at my list it’s clear I just like the comedies.”

Spin City “I love this because of Michael J. Fox, I think.”

Friends “What can you say about Friends? Everyone loves this show. It’s one of those things that if you like that sort of show you have to love it.”

Veronica’s Closet “I love Kirstie Alley. It’s such a great, original and funny show.”

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