TV Week: “June returns to Wandin Valley” A Country Practice 15th November 1986

TV Week
15th November 1986

Popular actress makes a visit to A Country Practice as Joan Sydney takes a break.

POPULAR actress June Salter will make her third return visit to Wandin Valley in the new year.

June will re-create her Matron Hilda Arrowsmith character in the Seven Network’s popular A Country Practice.

She is returning to fill in for Joan Sydney (Matron Sloan), who is taking a short break from A Country Practice next year to return briefly to the stage.

Joan has the lead role in Nunsense, the off-Broadway musical which opens in Sydney for six weeks on January 6.

June began filming her episodes on November 3 and in total will film eight weeks of episodes over the next three months.

Hilda Arrowsmith, who is Matron Sloan’s counterpart at Burrigan Hospital, is Sloan’s greatest rival both in the hospital and on the bowling field.

In the storylines to cover Joan’s absence a family bereavement will take Sloan away from the Valley for a few weeks.

In Nunsense Joan plays the Reverend Mother, Sister Mary Regina.

Voted Best off-Broadway Musical Of The Year in 1986, Nunsense tells the story of the Little Sisters of Sans Souci who stage a fund-raising variety show dreamed up by the Reverend Mother.

They need the money as Sister Bernadette has accidentally poisoned 22 of the order but only 18 were buried before the money ran out.

And with the health inspectors about to pay a visit they have to get the other four corpses out of the freezer.

Nunsense also stars Robyn Arthur, Maggie King, Geraldine Morrow and Georgie Perkins.

June was last seen on television as Maud Lancaster in the successful Nine Network mini-series The Lancaster Miller Affair.

Her last visit to Wandin Valley was at the beginning of last year.

June has a legendary television and theatrical reputation. Her other credits include ABC-TV’s Certain Women, the schoolmarmish Elizabeth McKenzie in The Restless Years, a supporting role in the short lived Nine soapie Waterloo Station, and the 23-line part of Eleanor Roosevelt in the Network 10 miniseries The Last Bastion.


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