TV Week: “Kamahl – The Modest Sex Symbol” The Rovers 24th January 1970

TV Week
24th January 1970

Kamahl has a wide smile that takes you by surprise, and eyes that flash continually as he talks.

From the female point of view he is, frankly, sexy, and every bit as exciting as the publicity man had made out — and that isn’t always the case.

“When I sing I move people, especially women. Women fans contrive to ask me out and write me mushy love letters,” he said.

“My wife, Sahodra, who is Indian and not at all used to show business, finds it hard to believe that I’m only interested in her. Anyway, I’m not all that sexy.

“Tom Jones is another sex symbol and he’s about the unsexiest man I can think of right now.”

Then Kamahl was off — to continue shooting A Place Of My Own, an episode of The Rovers.

The episode, with an alternative ending, was also shot as a pilot for a series NLT have on the drawing boards for this year.

The bosses at NLT are said to be impressed with the pilot and a decision will be made soon.

Director John von Kotze, known to be exacting, said Kamahl was an acting natural who was wonderful to
work with. In shots requiring Kamahl by himself only one take was needed

This is unusual in television and unheard of for a beginner.

But praise just runs off Kamahl’s shiny skin like the rain which came down again. With his honesty he says he’s not a good actor.

“This is easy because the character I play was written specially for me, so I’m just playing myself.”

What concerns Kamahl most in this world is love.

“I think love is the most important thing in the world,” he said. “I love my wife. It wasn’t quick. It was a very slow and beautiful emotion. And because of her I think my performances have improved.

“Now I know what I’m singing about. And I think of her when I’m singing.”

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