TV Week: “Killer Defence” Blue Heelers 23rd July 2005

TV Week
23rd July 2005

Kelly’s friends rally round when her dad’s murderer shows up.

The man who murdered Kelly’s police officer father 15 years ago, in an execution-style killing, has been released from prison and is now in Mount Thomas to look after his terminally ill mother.

When word gets around of Stuart’s (Bryce Youngman) release, the officers throw their full support behind Kelly (Samantha Tolj), with Tom (John Wood) pledging to do everything he can to run the man out of town.

Little wonder, then, that Alex (Charlie Clausen) soon finds himself at odds with his colleagues when he makes it clear that he thinks the man should be given a fair go.

“There are a couple of great scenes between Jonesy (Ditch Davey) and Alex,” promises Samantha. “Jones is saying, ‘You have to think of Kelly in this,’ and Alex is saying, ‘Well, he’s done his time.’

“But everyone else is on Kelly’s side. There’s a real sense of them backing Kelly up. It’s an awful thing for anyone to have to go through – losing their dad – let alone being confronted by the person who killed him.”

Meanwhile Mark’s (Geoff Morrell) work life is becoming increasingly stressful, as is his home life.

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