TV Week: “Look Who’s Back in Town” The Flying Doctors 5th July 1991

TV Week
5th July 1991

COOPERS crossing’s favourite couple is back.

Andrew McFarlane and Liz Burch have returned to The Flying Doctors … along with Rebecca Gibney and George Kapiniaris!

In what is certain to be a huge ratings success, the Nine Network series has signed many of its most popular characters for a reunion episode.

The episode, which went into production on July 1, also includes Terry Gill (Sgt Jack Carruthers) and Bruce Barry (George Baxter). And one of its outstanding directors over six years, Oscar Whitbread, is back at the helm.

Rebecca Gibney, who stars in the sitcom All Together Now, will play a mother for the final time. Her character, mechanic Emma Flimpton, will have two children in tow when she reappears in Coopers Crossing.

Andrew McFarlane (Dr Tom Callaghan) and Liz Burch (Dr Chris Randall) – close friends off-screen – were also missed when they left the show. And George Karpiniaris, who played DJ, has returned between Acropolis Now commitments.

In the episode, which will go to air in September, Coopers Crossing has been hit by the recession, so a party is organised to lift the town’s spirits.

Story: Darren Devlyn
Picture: Michelle Day

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