TV Week: “Mother vs daughter!” Packed to The Rafters 28th August 2010

TV Week
28th August 2010

When Julie stands in the way of Rachel’s career, all hell breaks loose in the Rafter household.

They’ve been an adoring mother-and-daughter team from the show’s beginning, but this week cracks begin to appear in Julie and Rachel’s relationship.

And Rachel’s portrayer, Jessica Marais, warns that it’s just the beginning of what could be a rather acrimonious severing of apron strings.

The episode opens with Rachel riding a career high. Her graphic designs have just landed her firm a blue-chip account and she feels she’s finally on her way.

But things go pear-shaped when the new client doesn’t sign on the dotted line. While Rachel is down in the dumps, her week takes a sudden upswing when she’s secretly headhunted by a competitor agency for a top job.

Turning for advice, as always, to mum Julie (Rebecca Gibney), Rachel’s shocked to find her soft place to land is no longer Just that, and tensions soon arise

“Rachel receives an amazing job offer from a rival advertising agency,” Jessica explains. “But Julie is very old-fashioned and she thinks Rachel should stay with her current firm.

They lock horns because Rachel thinks it’s a huge compliment – it’s a major agency and an incredible offer – and Julie feels insulted when Rachel says she wants more out of life than just kids and a husband.”

Fans will know that this isn’t the first time this season that Rachel has felt at odds with her mum. Even since baby Ruby came home, the eldest Rafter sibling has felt sidelined by her baby sister.

“Rachel still feels, to a degree that Ruby is stealing her thunder at home. She’s feeling left out,” Jessica says.

And, she adds, there’s more trouble ahead for the feuding pair.

“When they butt heads over this, It reveals the fact that there’s a real generation gap opening up between them. They haven’t had a strong disagreement like this for a long time.”

My Two Mums

Jessica opens up about her on-and off-screen mothers…

You’ve often said Rebecca Gibney is like your second mother. How IS She similar to your real mum?

Bec is very loving and supportive, like my mum, and its always nice to nave her around. Rebecca mothers all of us on set – and we love it!

What’s the best piece of advice Rebecca has ever given you?

There isn’t just one thing – there are so many. She’s a role model to all of us every day.

Has she met your real mum?

Yes, they’ve met – it was wonderful. They got on like a house on fire!

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