TV Week: “Myles away” McLeod’s Daughters 25th December 2004

TV Week
25th December 2004

McLeod’s Daughters star Myles Pollard is leaving the dust behind for the greener pastures of the US.

Myles Pollard has picked up his Akubra hat and walked away from Drovers Run for what I could be the last time.

The McLeod’s Daughters star filmed his final scenes on December 10, and will be heading to Los Angeles in early January to further his acting career.

“It’s all been a little bit emotional,” he says. “It was a joyous day, but it was quite sad as well, having to say goodbye.

“I’ve got my hat and a jacket, and the production office put together a photo album for me, which is good.”

Myles, who has played Nick Ryan on McLeod’s Daughters since the series began, says it was time for a different professional experience.

“I’ve travelled my whole life, and I’ve been on this show for almost four years. As an actor it’s good to have variety and do different things – have new adventures, explore new horizons!

The Western Australia-born actor has already had some exposure in the US, with McLeod’s premiering there earlier this year to a warm reception. On a brief trip to LA recently, he lined up an agent and a manager.

“Americans are always fairly positive, so it was all very encouraging, and that was enough for me,” Myles says, adding that he’s open to both TV and film work. “I’m not expecting anything, really, It’s going to be nice to do a whole bunch of auditions.”

His girlfriend, TV presenter Brigitta Wuthe, will be going to America with him. “We’re going to share the little adventure together. It’s going to be fun!”

Myles says he may return to McLeod’s next year. “They’ve kept the role open for me, so it’s very possible that I will come back. But it all depends on what happens in the future.

“Who knows, I may end up in Mexico, in a hippie commune, drinking Coronas and surfing for the next 12 years!”

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