TV Week: “New cop on the block” Blue Heelers 8th May 1999

TV Week
8th May 1999

A new recruit arrives in town… and she means business.

Tired of city life, Senior Constable Robyn Taylor moves her young family to Mt Thomas. A member of the Accident Investigation Squad, her arrival coincides with the probe into Maggie Doyle’s disappearance.

Maggie (Lisa McCune) is feared dead after her car is found in flames on a lonely road outside town.

With the local Heelers in shock over the apparent loss of their friend, Robyn’s arrival is not one of ideal timing.

She accepted her transfer after returning from maternity leave following the birth of her daughter. Mt Thomas offers Robyn and husband Jeff the chance to fulfil their dream to own a vineyard.

For actor Belinda McClory, who plays Robyn, the chance to don a uniform was too good to pass up. She took on the six-week role when Lisa’s character was written out to complete filming on the mini-series The Potato Factory.

Belinda also appears in the current hit film The Matrix as the androgynous killer Switch. In the latter she also plays a cop, but it’s a far cry from her Blue Heelers role.

“I’m very keen for people to see the police in a sympathetic light,” she says.

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