TV Week: “One to Watch: The word is out” Rove 16th October 1999

TV Week
16th October 1999

Rove McManus hopes to strike it lucky with his new TV Show – in more ways than one!

HIS secret is out. TV newcomer Rove McManus confesses that he has only one reason for taking on the job of hosting his new Nine Network talk show, Rove.

The 25-year-old stand-up comedian admits it is his search for love that attracted him to the project.

“The whole reason I am doing this show is to pick up women,” he says. “Not that I am hunting for it, you understand!

“There is always room for love in my life — there should be in everyone’s — and, no, I am not involved with anyone at this stage, so I am open to all offers!”

As for his new status as a sex symbol, Rove is intrigued. “Look, I really don’t know if I am prepared for that,” he says. “Actually, I didn’t know I was a sex symbol, but that’s OK as well.”

From Perth, Rove began his career as a stand-up comedian on cruise ships, before moving to Melbourne four years ago to make his name on the comedy circuit.

He has appeared in three Melbourne Comedy Festivals, and has also hosted The Loft Live for Melbourne’s Channel 31 community station. But hosting his own commercial TV show is a dream come true.

“I always wanted to do a show like this,” Rove says. “The Loft Live was good, but on Rove we actually have a budget!”

Joining Rove as regular panellists on the show are his favourite comedians — Corinne Grant, Peter Helliar and Dave Callan.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to be working with a group of friends who are some of the funniest people I know,” he says. “The people you see on-camera are the ones writing the material, and I think that is the way to go.”

Considering Rove’s ongoing search for love, it is somewhat appropriate that most of his late-night audience is already in bed when watching him — or at least in their pyjamas. It’s a fact that Rove admits puts a smile on his face.

“At least they’re comfortable. Comfort always works for me,” he says.

Comfort is what he hopes most people gain from his show — along with a few laughs. If anyone is looking for comedy to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior, Rove says they’re looking in the wrong place.

“We’re not the type of show to do that,” he says. “Many people think that we will do something that is a little racy, but there is nothing planned. We don’t want to push those boundaries — in the society we are living in, those boundaries are so blurred.”

As for just what we will see on his self-titled show during its 10-week season, Rove reveals he has a few changes planned for the line-up.

“I’m not thinking of changing it all,” he says. “Maybe a few more dance numbers with the Tony Bartuccio dancers!”

Rove then pauses for a moment. “Maybe not. I love their work, but I have two left feet … so I it might be more in their interest than I mine that we don’t work together!”

By John Burtitt

Getting an insight into Rove through his life’s…

Most embarrassing moment
“Being knocked back for a date by Kerri-Anne Kennerley on the set of What’s Cooking.”

Have kept secret
“I have a tattoo of Madge from Neigbours just above my right buttock cheek.”

Worst-kept secret
“I’m a huge fan of professional wrestling.”

Biggest myth
“That I am the guy who will be replacing (current affairs host) Stan Grant when he goes on summer hiatus.”

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