TV Week: “Plane Crazy!” Who Dares Wins 8th February 1997

TV Week
8th February 1997

This Who Dares Wins shot is digitally enhanced, but …

MILD-MANNERED Wollongong accounts clerk John Kazanis was a real “Superman” during a world-first Who Dares Wins stunt.

Dobbed in by workmate Nora Zonaras who describes the 25-year-old as “a loveable rogue” and prankster, the dare required John to launch out of a plane riding a motorbike in a tandem parachute jump with an instructor.

John had never ridden a bike before, let alone sky dived from a plane 3km up. After expert tuition and a practise jump the day before in western New South Wales, the thrilling dare was carried out.

With more than 60 spectacular dares completed during 40 episodes of the Seven Network series, you’d think the odds were in favour of someone getting badly injured, despite rigorous safety measures.

Not so. A scratch on a contestant’s chin during one dare is the only casualty to date.

John’s jump will be screened when Who Dares Wins returns on February 12.

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