TV Week: “Romance turns to Rescue” Police Rescue 20th April 1991

TV Week
20th April 1991

Georgia Rattray (Sonia Todd) and Mickey McClintock (Gary Sweet) find love in Police Rescue this week.

In the ABC drama series, Mickey arrives at Sonia’s flat to pick her up for work … to catch sight of a burly rodeo rider.

“He sees the guy leaving and starts to get a bit jealous, even though he’s got absolutely no claim,” Sonia says.

“There’s always been this attraction between them but if you asked them, they would deny it.

“She finally tells him the guy is a close friend who is getting married.”
With Mickey still harboring doubts, he and Georgia are involved in an armed hold-up that leads to a siege, with a pregnant woman caught in the cross-fire.

“It’s up to him to calm her while I try to pry off car pieces trapping her legs. It’s not a good position to be in,” says Sonia, soon to be a mother.

“I certainly hope when my time comes that I won’t be facing the same predicament!”

The situation makes Georgia see Mickey in a different light. Gone are the sexist jokes and macho front, replaced by sensitivity and care.

“It forces her to see a different side of Mickey — a soft, genuine side,” Sonia says. “They’ve shared something special and it opens up a communication bond that wasn’t there before.

“Mickey doesn’t make a fuss and woo her, although it’s still a romantic scene.

“In the last scene, they look at each other and say, ‘Well! I wonder what we are going to do now?’”

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