TV Week: “Sal’s Back… and He Means Business!” Heartbreak High 8th February 1997

TV Week
8th February 1997

SAL COCO has reprised his Heartbreak High character, Con Bordino, to guest start in two episodes of the popular ABC series, to screen on February 12 and 13.

Fans of the high school drama will be shocked to see the mobile phone toting Con return unannounced – and it’s no average homecoming.

He’s married! Mrs Bordino is a leggy American called Stephanie, played by Annalise Braakensiek (above, with Sal).

Sal is pleased with the storyline that give his character an added dimension.

“Since being in the U.S., Con has become a different person,” Sal says.

“He’s no longer the wheeler-dealer, he has become a professional, high class businessman. It’s a natural progression.”

The 21-year-old hints his Heartbreak guest appearance may not be his last.

“There is always a chance I may come back,” he says. “But as my character says in the show, ‘You do have to move on’.”

And move on he has. When Sal left Heartbreak High, he joined the cast of Police Rescue for the final season.

No sooner had Rescue finished, Sal landed a role as gangster Gul Buddin in the film Heaven’s Burning, staring Russell Crowe and Robert Mammone.

Written by Louis Nowra and described by Sal as a Pulp Fiction-type of film. Heaven’s Burning will be released this year.

“Hopefully, this will kick the door down for me to get into film,” he says. “I’m hoping it will put me in people’s minds so they’ll say, ‘He’s not only a TV actor”.

“I’d love to get established as a film actor.”

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