TV Week: “Sky High Surf Rescue Squad” Chopper Squad 15th April 1978

High Above the Scenic Beaches of Sydney Harbor and the Nearby Coastal Beaches, Comes the Chop-Chop of the…

Sky High Surf Rescue Squad
15th April 1978

THREE HANDSOME men and a beautiful woman make up the cast of 0-10’s new Australian adventure series, Chopper Squad.

They are Dennis Grosvenor, Eric Oldfield, Robert Coleby and Jeanie Drynan.

Chopper Squad promises to be the most action-packed Australian series yet seen on television.

Each of the 26 one-hour episodes features spectacular chases and dramatic rescue exploits along the coast of New South Wales.

Much of the action centres on a rescue helicopter crew working in association with surf life saving clubs.

In the Reg Grundy Production, Dennis Grosvenor, Eric Oldfield and Robert Coleby play the helicopter crewmen, and Jeanie Drynan portrays Doctor Georgie Batie.

Other regulars include Noel Trevarthen, Willie Fennell, Graham Rouse and Tony Hughes.

Some of Australia’s top actors will be seen in guest roles including Chantal Contouri, Bruce Barry, Lynette Curran, Anne Lambert, Jack Fegan, Brendan Lunney and Alwyn Kurts.

In later episodes, Jeanie Drynan is replaced by Kerrie Eichorn as the show’s female interest.


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