TV Week: “So Long SeaChange” SeaChange 9th December 2000

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9th December 2000

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THE trip up the altar hasn’t been easy for Pearl Bay couple Karen Miller (KATE ATKINSON) and Angus Kabiri (TOM LONG) — but, despite the obstacles, they finally say “I do” this week in the final episode of SeaChange.

The wedding, which brings together the entire cast, is a fitting way to say farewell to the the ABC hit, which has won two Logie Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.

“It was great to have everyone there,” Kate says. “It’s not very often you get everyone together, so it was really nice.

“But being the bride was a bit lonely. I spent most of the time waiting to walk down the aisle while everyone else socialised between takes. It was just like another day at the office!”

Kate’s preparation for the big day was fairly low-key.

“The wardrobe department wanted me to be happy with the dress, and it wasn’t that difficult,” she reveals. “The wardrobe designer produced a few dresses for me, I tried them on and pretty much found one first try.”

In the episode, Karen, who originally wanted a surf wedding, finds herself in a traditional service after Angus and the town organise the wedding she long dreams of.

While the occasion is a joyous one, it’s also tinged with sadness as Pearl Bay favourite Meredith Monahan (JILL FORSTER) lies in the hospital after suffering a severe stroke.

“There’s a lot of stuff that happens in this episode, especially with Meredith,” Kate says. “As with the wedding, her storyline is a really nice way of getting everyone together.”

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