TV Week: “Staying Put” McLeod’s Daughters 23rd July 2005

TV Week
23rd July 2005

The newest McLeod will soon be making Drovers Run her home.

Claire McLeod may be long once, and Tess McLeod may not be around forever, but there’s one McLeod who’ll be sticking it out at Drovers Run next year: Regan.

Zoe Naylor, who plays Tess’s long-lost cousin, has signed on as a permanent cast member of McLeod’s Daughters. After winding up a five-episode shoot earlier this year, she will return to the set to continue filming in October.

“It’s exciting,” Zoe says. “It’s my first major role on Australian TV – I don’t even know if I’m any good!”

Regan, the daughter of Jack McLeod’s estranged brother, Hugh, recently arrived at Drovers Run, where she was welcomed by Tess (Bridie Carter) and hunky local vet Dave (Brett Tucker). But although she’s settling in and the romance with Dave is blossoming, she’s not in town simply to make friends.

“She’s there with an agenda,” Zoe says, “but I don’t think it’s necessarily to hurt anyone.”

Still, Zoe is aware that fans of the show may not be too impressed when they find out the truth about the new McLeod, saying, “I’ve been warned that they may not like her!”

Before the Sydney based actress returns McLeod’s she has two projects to finish: a movie, The Book Of Revelation, co-starring Colin Friels and a New Zealand TV series called Orange Roughies.

As for the upcoming McLeod’s storylines, Zoe has no idea. “I’d love to know,” she says.

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