TV Week: “Tammy bags a movie role!” The Flying Doctors 1st September 1990

TV Week
1st September 1990

‘I read a story in TV WEEK about how the search was on’

TAMMY McINTOSH is set to star in her first movie in September.

The Flying Doctors nurse has the female lead in the Los Trios Ringbarkus film Garbo.

The $4.5 million comedy, about two garbage-truck drivers, was written by and stars Steve Kearney and Neill Gladwin.

Tammy will work on the film, to be shot in Melbourne, during a month’s break between series of The Flying Doctors.

“I have just one weekend off after finishing The Flying Doctors before I start the film, and then I go straight back into it. Not much of a holiday! ” she says with a laugh.

“I auditioned for the part in Sydney with Steve Kearney and liked him immediately. I’ve heard so many great things about Los Trios, I can’t wait to get started.

“I read a story in TV WEEK about how the search was on for the leading lady. I tore it out and stuck it up in my dressing-room, saying, ‘That’s me!’ I’m really excited about it.”

Tammy’s character, the daughter of a policeman, is the love interest for Steve Kearney, whose film debut was in Rikky And Pete.

“Garbo is the story of two garbage-truck drivers, their special vehicle and their adventures as they cruise through Fitzroy and surrounding Melbourne locations,” Steve says.

Tammy says people assume the film is about Hollywood legend Greta Garbo, which is partly correct. One of the drivers names his truck, Garbo, in honor of his idol.

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