TV Week: “Valley of Tears” A Country Practice (Part 1) 16th October 1993

TV Week
16th October 1993

The final curtain falls on A Country Practice, and there was hardly a dry eye in the house.

THUNDEROUS applause and buckets of years marked the final curtain fall on Australia’s longest running and most loved television drama, A Country Practice.

How voice faltering with emotion, ACP creator and executive producer James Davern, had the sad job of laying the series to rest with the words, “Cut … that’s a wrap”.

Shortly after 9pm on Thursday, September 20, the top secret final scene was complete, with the last works being given to the youngest cast member, Jamie Croft, to deliver to camera. As soon as Jamie delivered his lines, cast and crew erupted with a loud cheer.

Fittingly, the final scene features the entire cast, including Penny Cook and Joan Sydney, who returned especially for the last episode. When James Davern called “Cut!”, cast and crew embraced and tears flowed amid the popping of champagne corks.

“We’ree all just taken over by emotion of this last day,” says a Seven spokesperson.

“Without sounding like a cliche, we are a huge family and it really is like busting up a family unit.

“The emotion you’ll see in the final scene is very real. This is a very powerful way to end.”

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