TV Week: “Wandin Valley Shock Waves!” A Country Practice 1st September 1990

TV Week
1st September 1990

Three stars to exit in major ACP upheaval.

ON the eve of the Lucy Gardiner-Matt Tyler wedding, one of Wandin Valley’s best- kept secrets is out — A Country Practice is losing three of its popular characters.

Michael Muntz, who plays Dr Cris Kouros, Georgina Fisher, his on-screen daughter Jessica, and Mary Regan, the new matron Ann Brennan, are leaving the show.

The executive producer and creator of A Country Practice, James Davern, has confirmed that all three are going at the end of the year.

“Basically, both Michael and Mary want to spread their wings,” Davern says.

“Michael will have been with the show two years, which is about the normal length of time for one of our romantic leads.

“He wants to move on. He’s a young actor and he’s also a singer/songwriter/guitarist. He wants to develop that area.”

Georgina Fisher is also leaving, after two years.

“I spoke to her parents, and two years are enough for a child actor,” Davern says. “It’s a big responsibility as young minds are so impressionable.”

Mary Regan, who joined ACP at the beginning of the year as the new matron, replacing the popular TV WEEK Logie Award winner Joan Sydney, is also keen to move on.

“Mary is in demand for some film and telemovie roles, so we had a long talk about her going,” Davern says.

“The older actors tend to stay, whereas the younger actors like a range of work. “I think they (Michael and Mary) are both fine actors.”

Between now and the end of the year, Davern will begin casting arrangements for a new doctor and romantic lead and a new matron.

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