TV Week: “Get it together!” Water Rats February 7th 1998

TV Week
February 7th 1998

Will Frank and Goldie finally get together? We ask the writers …

Everyone wants to know if detectives Frank Holloway (Colin Friels) and Rachel “Goldie” Goldstein (Catherine McClements) will finally break down the professional barriers and get together.

Catherine and Colin have said in the past they do not consider romance a possibility.

“Once they get together the bubble has burst,” Catherine says. “That whole romantic thing is a bit limiting. I think.”

Series creator John Hugginson is more enlightening. “I’d hate to get these two together without really understanding where we’re going to take it,” he says.

Script writer Vicki Madden-Custo adds: “We’re playing it by ear like everybody else.”

Tommy’s Tragedy

This season it’s not only the relationship between Frank and Goldie that will evolve.

The Water Rats writing team has decided to flesh out the lives of a few other characters by giving us a sneak peak at what motivates them while out of uniform.

The relationship between boat crew member Tommy Tavita (Jay Laga’aia) and Rhonda (Judith Wright) becomes very serious, but eventually takes a tragic turn.

And Helen Blakemore (Toni Scanlan) gets a lesbian lover, which may turn out to be the show’s one happy coupling.

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