TV Week: “What’s New Kelly?” Water Rats 19th July 1997

TV Week
19th July 1997

Just about everything for Water Rats’ latest star.

A NEW baby, new job security and now house … Kelly Dale couldn’t be happier.

Kelly, who recently joined Water Rats as police diver Senior-Constable Sam Bailey, and his wife, Kristin, because parents of Kiri on June 17.

“It is fantastic,” Kelly says. “Some weeks I have only two or three days’ filming, which gives me up to four days to look after the baby.

“It’s a terrific job and it does let me have time off.”

Married for 18 months after a courtship of several years. Kelly and Kristin seem blessed with good fortune.

Kristin became pregnant almost as soon as they decided to start a family; Kelly lands his Water Rats role at a time when job security and a regular income are of utmost importance; and renovations to their spacious six-bedroom house in Sydney’s northern beaches district were completed only days before their newest addition arrived.

“It’s a new life,” Kelly says, “The lead-up to this has been absolutely full on. There was Water Rats, Kristin was still working flat out just two weeks before, and we were trying to renovate the house.”

Kristin adds: “Now we’re in a state of limbo, Kelly is on break now, which is really handy, and the renovations are finished, so we’re just focusing on spending time with the baby.”

Kristin, a casting consultant, met Kelly when they both worked on the film The Custodian, and the couple will work together on their own television concept in the next few weeks, before Kelly resumes shooting Water Rats in August.

“We have a car show that we’re trying to get off the ground.” Kelly says. “A half-hour a week looking at people and their cars in a humorous show.

“If Kristin can find some time, she can do some of the producing. But we’ve almost got the whole project together, so we’ll be taking it to the networks to see if we can get it up and running.”

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