TV Week: “Will this woman wreck Jim’s happy marriage?” Neighbours 21st January 1989

TV Week
21st January 1989

Jim Robson (Alan Dale) has always been the sensible family man in Neighbours.

He’s the one everyone comes to for advice when there’s a problem.

But Jim will have problems of his own in the coming weeks – because of Shapely Madeline Price (Natalie Bate).

Madeline, a writer, is working on a book to prove her father was not a killer but when she lands on the Robinsons’ doorstep her obsession with her father’s innocence gives way to another obsession – Jim.

Madeline sets out to seduce him, and it looks like she may have succeeded when his wife Beverley (Lisa Armytage) walks in and finds the two together, locked in a compromising position.

Is this the end of the road for the happy Robinson marriage?

… and will Abigail mean the end for Harold and Madge?

Television’s favourite blonde, Abigail, has signed to join the cast of Neighbours.

The former Number 96 and Sons and Daughters star will begin filming her role in the top-rating soap later in the year.

A Spokesman for Network Ten, which screens Neighbours, says: “We began talks with Abigail before Christmas. Her role is for three months initially, but obviously, that could be extended if both parties agree.”

Abigail will play a love interest for Harold (Ian Smith), which will threaten his marriage to Madge (Anne Charleston).

“Her character comes back from Harold’s past to haunt him,” the spokesman says.

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