TV Week: “You asked: Georgie Parker” 8th April 2006

TV Week
8th April 2006

The Clever host answers all of your questions.

Is being a TV presenter harder or easier than acting? – Benjamin

It’s easier because I’m not trying to sustain a character. There’s a lot of nuance and technique involved with acting, and none involved with being a presenter on Clever. I just facilitate the show – it’s really about the experiments and the panel.

Which plot did you enjoy most in your serpen years on All Saints? – Bridgette

The Mitch storyline was the most satisfying – it fleshed out my character. Erik (Thomson) was fun to work with. The audience could sink their teeth into it and so could we as actors.

Who of the All Saints cast did you get along I best with? – Tini

All of them. You’re spending so many hours together that you find common ground with everyone.

Do you still see any of them? – Julie

When you’re working those hours it’s almost impossible to have a substantial home life, so it’s hard to get hold of them – but I speak to them on the phone.

Is it true that Fatso the wombat bit people on A Country Practice? – Ellie

He did, but he never bit me. He always fell asleep on me; all the animals fell asleep on me…

Of all the actors you’ve worked with, who’s the best on-screen kisser? – Glenn

I wouldn’t single any of them out – that’d be mean! They’re all fabulous in their own way.

If you could choose any TV role, what would it be? – Shayia

want roles that I can learn from. I’d rather play someone who is difficult and rough around the edges because that’s how we are.

Are the Play School toys the originals? Do they have backup toys? – Simone

They have backup toys because they do live shows, but the originals are on set.

What’s your favourite TV show? – Alicia

Lost11 like the supernatural element and hope they get back to that more. I also like Grey’s Anatomy and I love ER.

Does your daughter, Holly, take after you or your husband more? – Jessica

She’s hard to read, but she’s a good person, was an individual child and didn’t fit into a definite mould, and she’s following suit there.

How do you keep in such shape? – Fiona

I have to stay pretty fit because of my back – I’ve got scoliosis – so I ride bikes, walk, do weights and swim.

Will you marry me? – Bat

I’m already married – I’m not a polygamist!

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