Author: TV Flashback

Hal McElroy: Blue Heelers

Hal McElroy (co-creator and executive producer of Blue Heelers) has produced many successful shows in his long career. Including: Return to Eden, Blue Heelers, Water Rats and Murder Call. He most recently created and produced five series of Sea Patrol with his wife Di McElroy.

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Steve Bisley: Police Rescue & Water Rats

TV Flashback recently spoke to Steve Bisley about his time on both Police Rescue and Water Rats. From 1993 to 1995 he played Senior Sergeant Kevin ‘Nipper’ Harris in Police Rescue and after a guest starring role in Water Rats, his character Detective Sergeant Jack Christey took over from popular character Detective Senior Constable Frank Holloway – after Colin Friels’ departure from the show.

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Marcia Gardner: Sea Patrol

In 2009 Sea Patrol script producer Marcia Gardner was interviewed for fan site The interview focused on the scripting process for the naval action series. The interview is being exclusively republished here as it contains a great insight into the challenges of writing for television.

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